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Siding. It does more than just make your home look nice…

Odyssey Siding

Or at least it should. Siding plays an important role in protecting your home from the harmful weather conditions that may have an adverse impact on the quality and integrity of your home. We at Craftsmen take great pride in offering high performance siding from nationally known supplier Alside featuring their Odyssey® Plus Premium Vinyl Siding line.

Odyssey® Plus siding is everything you would expect from a premium siding product, without the premium price. Extra panel thickness (.044” nominal) and an advanced lock design provide superior rigidity and holding power.

With 4 profile options, available in 14 beautiful timeless colors, and a full range of color matching trim and accessories, Odyssey® Plus is sure to exceed your expectations in performance as well as appearance.

    Features include:

  • Dutch lap and clapboard profiles
  • 4” or 5” exposure widths
  • Finely detailed wood grain texture
  • Rich, low-gloss finish
  • Rolled-over nail hem and double staggered nail slots
  • Widest variety of trim, soffit, and accent options on the market
  • Lifetime transferable manufacturer’s warranty
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Siding and insurance claims

Just like roofs, siding is subject to being damaged by storms and nature as well. While in some cases even very minor damage can warrant complete replacement by your insurance company, other times what appears to be major damage could warrant only repairs. It is important that a trained professional inspect and assess the damage to your siding prior to a claim being made.

Complete the form on this page to have one of our trained specialists inspect your siding at no cost to help determine if you have legitimate damage worthy of filing a claim at absolutely no cost or obligation.


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